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The Mid-Peninsula Dental Health Foundation was established to assist low income families and individuals in obtaining affordable dental health care.

Treatment Limitations

The Foundation provides routine restorative dental care and limited removable prosthetic treatment.  Foundation funds are limited so the following limitations are necessary.  Root Canal therapy is limited to certain circumstances; removable prosthetic devices are limited to once every 5 years; only Stainless Steel or Acrylic (cold cure) crowns are available.  Cleanings and fluoride treatments are limited to one per calendar year.  Orthodontic treatment and fixed prosthetic devices are not available.


Call the doctors office to make an initial appointment.  This appointment is usually for the doctor to make a diagnosis of any treatment that may be necessary.  A second appointment may be necessary to complete the restorative treatment due to pre-authorization requirements.  Be on time for your appointment!  If you are unable to keep your appointment notify the doctor's office.

Co-Payments/Maximum Limits

           Co-Payments                                                                                             Maximum Limit
            Children                            $10.00                                                                    $1500.00
            Adults/Seniors                 50% of treatment costs                                       $1500.00
            Lifetime Maximum                                                                                          $4500.00

All co-payments are payable at the time treatment is performed. Maximum limits are per calendar year from May 1st-April 30th.

If you wish to utilize the Foundation for further treatment please contact either the:

Screening will be necessary before Foundation benefits can be utilized.

Mt. View Community Services (650) 968-0836 or
Avenidas Senior Center  (650)289-5433

If you have any question concerning the Foundation please contact us at (650) 328-2242


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